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Sara Carreira Association awards 21 Sara Carreira Scholarships.

4 October, 2021

The 21 finalists of the Sara Carreira Scholarship 2021, created by the Sara Carreira Association, have been chosen. From a total of 453 applications and after checking and validating each scholarship holder, the 21 applicants had a final interview with the Carreira family.

The process of analysing applications for the Sara Carreira Scholarship ended on 31 August 2021 with the sending of emails to all applicants informing them of the outcome: application not approved or application in the final evaluation phase.
As well as the right to a Sara Carreira Scholarship, each Scholarship holder will be assigned a godfather or godmother who will accompany every step of this new journey towards the realisation of a dream. The godfathers/godmothers are successful professionals whose objective is to help the scholarship holder with his/her difficulties and to assess whether the training he/she is receiving is suitable for his/her profile. Scholarship holders will have the support of their godparents and a multidisciplinary team that will follow their progress throughout this year.

The Sara Carreira Association aims to provide a future for children and young people who have talent in any area through scholarships that will allow them to grow through hard work and resilience, and provide them with the opportunity to overcome and develop their talent.