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Continuing Sara’s dreams, honouring her generosity of spirit and making her memory last forever through the creation of a better world: these are the goals and raison d’être of the Sara Carreira Association.

A sweet and dedicated daughter, a reliable sister, a caring aunt, a loyal friend, a gifted singer, a young woman, an artist with many talents for whom nothing was impossible. She believed in dreams and fought for them with focus, hard work and dedication.

The Sara Carreira Association is a reflection of Sara Carreira’s life. It is how the family wishes to perpetuate her memory: supporting others and sowing seeds in very talented children and young people from low-income backgrounds, by helping them to continue their education.


To support children and young adults who have few resources, in realising their dreams and going further, helping them to continue their education and providing them with a future.


To contribute to a better world by training exceptional young people.


Credibility, Family Values, Commitment.