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Sara Carreira Association releases “A Minha História” by Sara Carreira

3 December, 2021

The Sara Carreira Association releases Sara Carreira’s album of originals, a record that has long been requested by the public and is available exclusively at Fnac stores and on digital platforms.

The album features the songs that were part of Sara Carreira’s first and only EP – “Metade”: Vou Ficar”, “Para Não Chorar ft. Nuno Ribeiro”, “Sentimento”, “As Nossas Conversas”, “Penso Em Nós”, “Já Tou High featuring Rogg”,”Gosto de Ti ft. David Carreira”, with the song “Leva-me a Viajar” with the voice of Sara and the version “Leva-me a Viajar (Associação Sara Carreira Version)” – Anthem of the Sara Carreira Association.

“A Minha História” also features the re-recording of the original song “Leva-me a Viajar” with the solidarity and unprecedented participation of more than 30 Portuguese artists. This unforgettable version brings together the voices of her fans with Sara Carreira’s own, in a unique combination for such a special cause.

This album includes the songs “Sentimento” performed by Tony Carreira at the Gala dos Sonhos and “Para Não Chorar” performed by David Carreira and Mickael Carreira at the same event, broadcast by SIC on 1 December 2021.

The royalties generated from this record revert in their entirety to the Sara Carreira Association and are essential for the realisation of its Mission.