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The Sara Carreira Association unites national artists to re-record its Anthem.

19 November, 2021

Leva-me a Viajar” (ASC Version), the original song by Sara Carreira and Anthem of the Association that bears her name, was re-released on 19 November 2021 in a unique version and in conjunction with several national and local radio stations.

In an unprecedented act of solidarity, the Sara Carreira Association Anthem is now interpreted in a unique version by some of the greatest Portuguese artists showcasing a wide range of musical talent: André Sardet, Anjos, Aurea, Bárbara Bandeira, Bárbara Tinoco, Calema, David Carreira, Diogo Piçarra, Fernando Daniel, Ivo Lucas, Kátia Guerreiro, Mariza, Matias Damásio, Mickael Carreira, Nelson Freitas, Nenny, Nininho Vaz Maia, Paulo de Carvalho, Sara Carreira, Syro, Tiago Bandeira and Tony Carreira. The new arrangements were by Tiago Machado and the chorus also includes the participation of several public figures from Portuguese life: Andreia Rodrigues, Angie Costa, Carolina Carvalho, Catarina Furtado, César Mourão, Cláudia Vieira, Diana Chaves, D.A.M.A., Fernando Mendes, João Baião, Laura Figueiredo, Manuel Luís Goucha, Miguel Oliveira, Nélson Évora and Sara Matos.

The music video conveys the atmosphere during the recording sessions, with all those who were involved in this remix. It is available on Sara Carreira’s Youtube channel and is in the top slot in trending music on Youtube Portugal.

The royalties generated by this song will revert in full to the Sara Carreira Association, whose main mission is to support children and young people with few resources in realising their dreams, helping them develop and supporting them throughout their training.

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