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“Leva-me a Viajar” – Anthem of Associação Sara Carreira

21 May, 2021

“Leva-me a Viajar” is the anthem of the Associação Sara Carreira released this Friday, May 21st. The theme is a beautiful song, sublimely interpreted by the young singer, who intended to edit the theme this month. With the voice of Sara Carreira, the video was also recorded, which conveys a heartfelt tribute from friends to the young singer. Recorded in an atmosphere of union, it had the simplicity of the beach, the blue of the sea, and the Serra da Arrábida as a backdrop. The family symbolically chose the 21st to launch the anthem of the Associação Sara Carreira, in a direct analogy to the age of the singer. ‘Leva-me a Viajar’ is available on all digital platforms and radio stations across the country. The rights generated by this song will revert in its entirety to the Association, whose mission is to support children and young people with few resources in the realization of their dreams.