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18 September, 2023

Like last year, the Sara Carreira Association is once again bringing together family, friends, sponsors, partners and scholarship holders for an intimate evening dedicated to socialising and the social projects developed by the association.

In order to continue the project, the Sara Carreira Association is organising a gathering of family, friends, partners, ambassadors, patrons and scholarship holders today at Casa Ermelinda Freitas, in the Palmela region, with the aim of strengthening ties and continuing Sara’s dreams and mission.
Casa Ermelinda Freitas will be the venue for this moment, which will feature the artist André Sardet in an intimate concert. Also present will be public figures and Ambassadors who support the Association, as well as representatives / Patrons who support the Sara Carreira Association (SIC, Missão Continente, Santander Foundation, DS Group and ALTICE), as well as members of State.
Giving shape to one of the pillars that Sara valued – the animals – the Sara Carreira Association invited the Quintinha ABC Animal Association to be present at this meeting, to present how this project is managed and also to appeal for sponsorship for the countless animals that have been abandoned and need a home.

Continuing Sara Carreira’s dreams and honouring her generous attitude towards others is the aim and raison d’être of this project, which aims to sow seeds in talented children and disadvantaged young people. This year, after rigorous screening of applications, members of the Association’s board, together with Social Workers, selected 10 scholarship holders who will have the opportunity to receive school support so that they can fulfil their dreams.

According to Anabela Fonseca – Executive Director of the Sara Carreira Association – “For the second year we have brought together members who are fundamental to us, from our patrons, partners, public organisations, volunteers and teams on the ground, in a magical meeting full of light. At the Sara Carreira Association, our intention and mission is to continue working, supporting and doing more and better for all the children and young people who need it. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for the support and collaboration of all those involved, who continually support us in the various initiatives we promote in Sara’s memory.”

This meeting symbolises the union of all those who nurture the mission of the Sara Carreira Association, which aims to provide a future for children and young people who have talent in any area of training, but who unfortunately have financial difficulties that prevent them from realising their dream. These are the future candidates that the Sara Carreira Association aims to support through scholarships that will allow them to grow through hard work and resilience, giving them the opportunity to succeed and live out their talent.

From now on, the Association’s aim is to continue to help those who need it most, from the youngest to the oldest, including four-legged friends, with various forms of support and social action, so that Sara’s dreams and generosity can live on.

The event enjoyed the support and partnership of organisations that dedicated themselves to making it a reality and whom we would like to thank: Casa Ermelinda Freitas, POLIS, REGI Music, Frutas Monte Cristo.