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Missão Continente

26 April, 2021

Missão Continente aims to support all those who are facing times of need. Missão Continente has been working in different areas and with different causes for many years. It has been in the forefront of a vast, complex work of raising awareness and mobilising the Portuguese, actively participating in communities and promoting values such as solidarity. We are aware that we play an essential role with the civil society. We aim to create social value in the present and future of the communities, and we will keep working hard to defend the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

For Missão Continente, this link to Associação Sara Carreira comes naturally and shows who much we value Portuguese children and young people, their talents and ambitions, and how we deem relevant that there are equal opportunities and diversity. We believe that by supporting the education of these young people we will be fostering and have an active role in the development and growth of a more sustainable and positive society.

Promoting education, encouraging talent and supporting all those who want to use theirs is a goal shared by Associação Sara Carreira and Missão Continente. We believe that together we can secure the future of many young people and children, and we are sure that we will make a different for the greater good, which will promote personal development, equal opportunities and solidarity.

Sara’s legacy will remain alive, her aspirations will be fulfilled and personified in every child that will see their dreams come true, with commitment, dedication and love.

Missão Continente will help achieve this. Today, we embrace this initiative and come together for a greater good: allowing everyone who dreams to fulfil their dreams!