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26 April, 2021

SIC and the Group Impresa are governed by family values since their foundation: affection, closeness, respect and altruism. We face solidarity not only as philanthropy, but also as social responsibility and commitment to society. Social concerns were always at our core as an organisation. We have promoted and developed sustainable economic, environmental, cultural and social initiatives via SIC Esperança. As a media group, we seek to raise awareness and take action to help solve the problems that affect our society, and we want to fight for a fairer, happier society, where hope is a constant for all generations.

The story of SIC and Sara Carreira is made of happy pages and many pages left unwritten that we do not want to see blank any more. “Sara, we will never forget you.” This is how we want to remember her and continue her legacy. SIC is honoured and proud to be the audiovisual media chosen by the Association to reach society and fulfil its work, which benefits everybody. Together, we want to contribute to the future of promising young people, so that their lifetime dreams can be achieved. The fact that we are challenging ourselves to do so is already lighting a spark of hope in society and creating the good, which were two ideas that Sara personified so well.

May the time allow to distribute all the love embodied by Sara by her parents, brothers, relatives and those who love her, and also by those she dreamt to help and those who did not know her and will still be driven by her grace, strength and compassion, which is now embodied by the people who were close to her. And that we can see her energy and her dreams to do good in those people.

We wish that from now on your mother, father and brothers can feel you in every cool breeze, in every sunset, in every hug they give to each other. And we wish that we can see you in the bright eyes of those who will see their dreams fulfilled.

Daniel Oliveira

Director of Entertainment Impresa / Director of Programming SIC