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Altice Testimonial – Alexandre Fonseca, CEO of Altice Portugal

26 April, 2021

We are those who embrace causes, projects, purposes.

We embrace those who inspire us, who give us the strength needed to move the world, who makes us want to be more and better.

As Humans, we gather to give a voice to those who cannot be heard, lend a hand to those who need it, and give hope to those who are hopeless.

Today, we are gathered by new shared goal: Associação Sara Carreira. An Association which is born from the love of a family moved by the aspiration and desire to bring to the World more stories with happy endings.

Humanity owes its best to children, says the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. This is why we, as citizens, as adults, must provide our children, all children, with the opportunity to actually be the best.

All children are entitled to education, culture, access to knowledge, and we, at Altice Portugal, want to add our state-of-the-art technology and innovation to all of this for the intellectual development of those who will be the future of our country, which will make them even more capable of overcoming the problems of this all-encompassing World. It is our responsibility to promote the conditions required for that to happen. For the promotion of equal opportunities, their protection, for a life full of dreams, aspirations and ambitions.

Alexandre. I associate my name and voice to this Association because this cause concerns all of us.
This cause aims to help children and young adults who are underprivileged, giving them the opportunity to access education, training and the future.
Children and young people who have the Right to grow, be successful, have aspirations.
Children and young people who have the Right to be more and better.
Children and young people who have the Right to dream.

On my behalf and on behalf of Altice, thank you.
For your perseverance, dedication and will.
Today, we join this battle. A battle that is common to all. For all.

Alexandre Fonseca

CEO of Altice Portugal