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Sara Carreira Scholarship

It is not easy wanting to be a normal girl when you are born into a family of artists. We are always judged for what we have and do not have, for what we are or are not. There are those who like us because they do or because they have some interest, and there are those who do not like us without even knowing us. There are those who expect much and those who do not even think that we are capable of anything… Just because we were born into a family of artists.

Even though her family resisted and did not want her to be an artist to protect her, Sara soon showed her call and started her career, showing that, with resilience and work, she had been gifted with a natural talent. She was a true artist in everything she did.


This scholarship is for...

Talented children who are not raised in a family of artists.

Children who do not have support.

Children who do not have a family.

With this scholarship, Associação Sara Carreira wants to sow the seeds and water these children so that they can grow and have the opportunity to be seen and live off their talent with their hard work and resilience.